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Lakshmi Rai's Bollywood Debut in Hey Gujju
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Lakshmi Rai, the popular actress from South India, has made it to the big league. She has been signed on by none other than Himesh Reshammiya for his forthcoming movie Hey Gujju, to be directed by the versatile Satish Kaushik.
Lakshmi Rai hails from Belgaum in Karnataka and was crowned Ms. Belgaum twice, first in 2002 and then in 2004. She started her career in 2005 with the Tamil movie Karka Kasadara opposite Vikranth. She has acted in Tamil movies such as Kundakka Mandakka, Dharmapuri and Nenjai Thodu. Apart from Tamil movies, Lakshmi has also acted in Malayalam movies such as Rock and Roll and Annan Thampi. She has had the opportunity to work with top Malayalam superstars like Mohanlal and Mammooty. She has also acted in Kannada movies like Snehana Preethina and Minchina Ota with Darshan and Murali respectively.
Lakshmi has been over the moon since she bagged a cameo opposite Himesh Reshammiya in his forthcoming movie Hey Gujju. In Hey Gujju, Lakshmi will be portraying a Punjabi girl. In fact, the first half has her acting as a tomboy and she sports very trendy outfits in that role. In the second half she switches over to traditional costumes. Hey Gujju has Himesh Reshammiya in a double role.
Lakshmi Rai says that she was picked for this role because of her Punjabi looks. She says that she had many college friends who were Punjabi, and she has learnt to walk, talk, and dress like them. Because of this, she is very confident that she will do justice to her role in the film. She has already shot two song sequences and is eagerly waiting for the movie’s release in 2009. She feels that since the movie stars Himesh, there will be no dearth of publicity. It is sure to be a big project, which in turn could push her into the big league.
She has a number of other good movies in hand and is eagerly awaiting the release of Dhaam Dhoom in Tamil where she plays a lawyer and Parundu in Malayalam where she plays a character haunted by her childhood memories. Both the movies are worth watching out for along with Hey Gujju. With Hey Gujju, Lakshmi is all set to take Bollywood by storm. However, the actress says that she will continue to act in South Indian movies where she started her career. With so many directors looking towards the south for inspiration for their movies, and with so many remakes happening, it makes perfect sense for Lakshmi to continue working in South Indian movies.
Lakshmi Rai has also been in the news for various other reasons other than her movies and one of the most sensational news in recent times has been her romantic linkup to the Indian cricketers M S Dhoni and Sreesanth.
Will Lakshmi prove lucky for Himesh Reshammiya? Will this movie click at the box office? Will Lakshmi be lucky for Bollywood heroes the way South Indian actresses Jayaprada and Sridevi were in the 80s and 90s? What are your views?
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