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Crime rates in Indian cities - out of control?
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India is progressing and so are her crime rates. Today the metros have problems; a rising population certainly does not help the cause. Of course, other cities do not lag behind, as the administration tries to curb the menace of rising crime rates.

Delhi, most unsafe

Delhi, the capital, remains the most unsafe city in the country. Nithari is a case in hand… a brutal crime in which children were callously murdered and horrifying stories of cannibalism came to light. The crime average of Delhi is more than half the average in other cities making it the crime capital of India. The highest rate of crimes is against the fairer sex. A third of all rape cases were registered in Delhi evoking memories of the horrendous Geeta and Sanjay Chopra killings. Dowry deaths cover 19% of those in the country. Women cannot use public transport without being molested, or harassed. Crimes against children are rampant.

Next, Mumbai

While the crime rate in Mumbai is not as high as in Delhi, underworld dons are notorious for extortion and harassment of the rich. Mumbai is next to Delhi in molestation cases – 385 to Delhi’s 654.

Bangalore not far behind

Bangalore, the cyber city, has been slated as the 5th city with high crime rates, possibly because of the large numbers of call centers and BPOs. Young girls work unearthly hours, using call taxis to ferry them across. The recent case of a BPO employee who was murdered by a taxi driver remains etched in our psyche.

Hyderabad catching up

Hyderabad, or Cyberabad, is not far behind in rapes and murders. Looting and the mafia crimes are rampant.

Chennai, relatively safe

Chennai is one of the few cities where the crime rate is decreasing. This could be because the suburbs of the city now come under the city police jurisdiction.

Pune and Chandigarh, lower crime rates

Pune and Chandigarh can also boast of a lower crime rate as compared to the other cities. Within the cities, people can wander about safely. Pune, however, has evolved into an affluent and fast-paced city, and the crime rates are slowly on the rise. Chandigarh is the one city where the crime rate has nosedived due to the quick arrest of law breakers.

Why is it that some cities have a higher crime rate than others? Is it because of the mentality of the citizens, or the disparity in wealth distribution?

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