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Top 5 companies in India that have shaped India
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India Inc is on the march. Which are the top 5 companies in India in terms of impacting the market or defining the new Indian confidence?
You have seen lists of the richest, most powerful and fastest growing. Here is my list of the top 5 companies in India, on the basis of how they have shaped or defined the marketplace.
The Tata Group

An old family enterprise comprising India’s largest aggregate of companies, the Tata Group has changed and evolved constantly since 1868. It touches every facet of Indian life and has contributed significantly to education, science and technology, aviation and healthcare. A list of top 5 companies in India would be incomplete without it.
Indian Oil Corporation

The only Fortune 500 Company from India, this company is unique for being a public sector undertaking – a category not usually associated with leadership or dynamism. IOCL is the country’s greatest flag-bearer and the world’s 20th largest petroleum company. Today the company is universally respected for management, safety practices and financial performance, earning its rightful place in the top 5 companies in India.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw stands out in the Indian market for biotechnology research and a long list of impressive achievements. Biocon is the second Indian company to cross $1 billion in market cap, and the first to export enzyme molecules and get the College of American Pathologists certification. It is also the first biotech company to get the ISO 9001 certification and to make human insulin with a revolutionary process. Ranking among the top 5 companies in India is just another milestone for Biocon.

Reliance exemplifies the great entrepreneurial dream. In a relentless march to reach the top 5 companies in India, Reliance has shaped the marketplace; detractors say rules were changed to suit them, but the fact remains that an acrimonious split has generated two companies now barreling up a highway of almost incredible growth. Reliance is a bubble that refuses to burst.

Started with a loan from the founder’s wife who was working for the Tatas, Infosys developed a reputation for getting the best out of their employees. Using employee stock options, it has made participation a byword in governance, and millionaires of several participants. The social conscience of this company is exemplary. A great company that truly deserves its place among the top 5 companies in India.
What are the criteria differentiating one great company from another? Is it profits, social conscience, care of employees, leadership development or brand value? What do you think makes a company stand out? What is your pick for India’s top 5?
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