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7 ways to better eyesight with Yoga!
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We all have heard of the healing properties of Yoga and how it works wonders for our overall well-being. But Yoga for improving eyesight? Yes, it’s true! Yoga can effectively help you manage your eye-sight problems.
First and foremost, you should not move your head while attempting these exercises. Keep your eyes open and while you sit erect, check your posture. Make sure you are sitting with your spine and head straight while your body is relaxed. Keep your hands on your knees.
Look at a point straight in front of you. Now look down at the floor but do not move your head when you do this. Do this a few times. Without moving your head, look upwards and downwards at least 4 times. Blink rapidly after this exercise.
Do the same sideways. You should blink rapidly again and close your eyes to rest for a while. This is so that your eye-muscles are relaxed.
Look diagonally upwards and diagonally downwards followed by rapid blinking. Now look diagonally downwards and then diagonally upwards. Then do the blinking drill and close your eyes to rest.
After 4 days of these exercises, you must do the full circle exercise. This involves turning your eyes from the top to the left side, then looking below, then to the right, and up again. After blinking and resting, do this exercise again but begin from the top to the right, then below, and then left, before coming back to the top. Blink for a few seconds.
Follow this exercise alternating between a spot near the tip of your nose and a spot at a distance. You can use your finger by bringing it near the tip of your nose till where you can see it clearly and then look further from your finger to a spot at a distance. Do not move anything but your eyes. Repeat this exercise for a while, then blink, and close your eyes tightly shut.
Complete your exercises by rubbing your palms together and putting them over your eyes. Practice deep-breathing during this final stage. (Source:
Has Yoga helped in any way to improve your vision? If so, share your experiences with us, right here! Do you know of any other traditional Indian ways to heal an aching eye?
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