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Luxury on wheels - gadgets for your luxury car!
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A century after cars became a common means of transport, their role has undergone a major metamorphosis. Locomotion is plain vanilla; buyers now have a plethora of luxury options that can make driving a pleasure. Indulge!
Cruise control
If you are driving your BMW on a highway and do not wish to keep your eyes on the road, Active Cruise Control is at hand. This feature automatically reduces power output from the engine and gently applies the brakes, holding your car at a pre-defined distance to the vehicle ahead.
Night vision
While driving through the countryside or woods at night, when you cannot see very far, the BMW’s Night Vision feature comes in handy. It uses an infrared camera with a 36” wide-angle lens – up to three times wider than other systems. With images of objects up to 300 metres away appearing on the display, you can easily maneuver your car.
Water repellent
Toyota, aiming to be the largest motorcar manufacturer in the world, has embellished its marquee brand Lexus with state-of-the-art features. If you get caught in a rainstorm, the water-repellent front glass of the SC Luxury Coupe will not obscure your view as the Lexus glides into the distance.
Voice activation
The Jaguar’s Voice Activated System allows you to command the navigation system, adjust the climate control, make phone calls or control the audio systems. The Occupancy Seating Deployment of the dual front airbags has sensors that monitor the position of the driver’s seat, and the weight of the front passenger.
Ultrasound sensors
Parking during rush hour is an ordeal for most drivers. The ultrasound sensors integrated into the BMW’s bumper measure the distance to the nearest large object behind the vehicle. Reversing is easy – you can see it all on the control display, like you had transferred your eyes and ears to the boot of the car.
Ultra customization
Still dissatisfied? Alfa Romeo may have the answer for you, with their ‘Alfa Unica’ program, where you decide the special features you want – ‘Collezione’ luxury finishes for the interior and exterior, Turismo Internazionale themes for sporty personalities and ‘Vintage’ for those desiring a retro look.
If you’re a rugged, alpha male who always likes to be in control, would you let some machine do it all for you? What’s your call? Don’t bother to answer if your bank balance doesn’t boast several digits! Or just dream on like the rest of us and tell us about your fantasy car!
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