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Home remedies: Indian cures for high blood sugar
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Did you know that India has cures for high blood sugar and that diabetes can be controlled naturally? Interested? Read on to find out more!
If you have been diagnosed with high blood sugar or diabetes, you can think of alternate treatments instead of Allopathic medicines. At present there is no Allopathic cure for diabetes but there is no doubt it can be kept well under control with Allopathic medicines.
It is known that India is home to many natural cures of several diseases and these cures were recorded on palm leaves. But because they were recorded on palm leaves, many of these cures have been lost.
One of these secret manuscripts which was recently found, reveals that several plants have the power to cure diabetes. These plants include the Jamun, the Indian gooseberry and Neem. These plants possess the power to repair the pancreas which produces insulin.
In India, Neem and the bitter gourd (known as Karela) have the action to lower blood sugar levels. You would be able to reduce the level of your blood sugar and keep it normal if you regularly take Neem leaves or Karela juice. These plants have what is known as plant insulin.
Another plant food which has properties to keep blood sugar levels down is fenugreek seeds. Onion and garlic have great properties of lowering blood sugar levels. If you take a decoction of blueberry leaves, your blood sugar levels will drop and remain stable for several weeks. Stevia, being naturally sweet, is a great substitute for sugar and is used as a sweetener. It has also traditionally been used to cure diabetes. If you regularly use cinnamon, it will help in the efficiency of insulin by up to 3 times!
Many Ayurvedic preparations for keeping blood sugar levels down use turmeric. It is an age-old medicinal plant with several medicinal properties. India is thus home to many cures for high blood sugar.
Have you or anyone you know tried any of these herbs and plants to treat diabetes? Would you like to make any interesting additions to this article?
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