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Indian home remedies for strep throat
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Down with strep throat? Dreadful thing indeed! Do you hate going to the doctor? Not to worry. Help is at hand. Did you know that strep throat caused by the virus streptococcus can be effectively treated at home? Yes. You can be cured of it from the comfort of your own home.
Strep throat
A streptococcus bacterium is the common cause of strep throat. This type of infection in the throat is often mistaken for sore throat and tonsillitis. Strep throat commonly affects small children and adolescents.
Here they come – remedies for strep throat

A popular and potent home remedy is drinking warm tea with honey. You must also have plenty of warm fluids to flush out the infection while healing a sore throat.
Then there’s the all-time favorite – gargling with warm salt water. This is an age-old formula that’s known to provide relief from sore throats. Even a glass of warm water to which a few drops of lemon juice is added appears to have a soothing effect on someone with strep throat.
How about this? Gargle with pomegranate juice as treatment for strep throat. This aids in eliminating the infection.
Also, keep a steamer, or any similar gadget which emits steam, in the room you’re resting in so that you’re warm and comfortable. The humidity from it will also help keep your throat comfortable.
When dealing with a painful throat always try and spice your food with ginger, black pepper, garlic and salt. These ingredients heal strep throat effectively.
Try putting a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon with 2 teaspoons of honey and a pinch of pepper. Boil the decoction before adding the honey.
Consume water in which tulsi leaves have been boiled. Else you can simply gargle with this liquid to reduce the pain. Basil leaves can be used as a substitute for Tulsi.
Betel leaves munched with licorice are an excellent sore throat remedy! Two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds boiled with a liter of water to bring it to half its quantity is a superb sore throat gargle and is effective in reducing the infection and pain.
An unusual but effective home remedy for strep throat is this: take a whole onion, boil it in a little water, crush it, add pepper and salt and eat this combo with a bit of butter!
What’s your remedy for strep throat? Have you tried any home remedies for strep throat which you have found to be effective?
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