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Environment-friendly companies in India
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How important is the environment to you? What measures does Corporate India take to preserve the environment? Which are the greenest companies in India? Take a look…
Industrialization is good for any economy, but it is not without vices -- deterioration of the environment is one of the major setbacks. Fumes and other wastes generated from factory plants pollute the environment. Besides, several companies don’ even follow proper waste disposal methods.
With time, thankfully, the environment protection laws in India have become stringent and companies have also become more conscious of their duty towards preserving the environment. Several companies have installed eco-friendly plants and adopted practices that will benefit the environment.
What is a green company?
Common characteristics of green companies:
  • Use natural gas for boiler fuel.

  • Recycle biodegradable waste.

  • Minimum use of plastic material; use recyclable packaging materials.

  • Use biomass and solar radiation as sources of renewable energy.

  • Generate electricity from hydroelectric plants.

  • Reduce toxic emissions, etc.

Greenest companies in India
A survey conducted by BT- AC Nielsen ORG-MARG, ranked Oil and Natural Gas Company (ONGC) the greenest company followed by Reliance Industries. Overall, the oil and petroleum sector was considered the greenest sector in India. BPCL, Castrol India and HPCL are other companies in this sector that were rated green companies in the survey. The private sector companies were in a majority (13 out of 20) in the list of Top 20 greenest companies in India.
India’s software companies are also considered green companies. IT companies are allowed to set up their offices within the city limits. This is because they do not harm the environment. Johnson and Johnson Ltd., Chillibreeze, IBM, LG Electronics, PNB, Tata Motors and Hero Honda Motors are some of the other green companies in India.
Which, according to you, are the greenest companies in India? Do you think virtual organizations also help keep the country green?
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