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Tulsi - the sacred healer
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It’s the most sacred herb. But the Tulsi can do a lot more than just strengthen one’s soul. Did you know it’s a great healer of the mind and body, too? That eating a few leaves of Tulsi daily will keep you free from ailments? So claim naturopaths and yoga masters. Once you read this article, you’ll never retire for the night without having your dose of Tulsi. 
It’s rightly called the “Queen of Herbs.” Tulsi or Basil, widely used in Ayurveda medicines, is known to relieve headache, stomachache, heart disease, stress, depression, and even malaria. However you consume it – by soaking leaves in water and drinking this decoction every few hours, chewing on its leaves or having it as a herbal tea – there’s a lot to benefit from the Tulsi. Its not just ailments it keeps at bay though. Dried and powdered Tulsi leaves are excellent insect repellents. Mixed along with stored grain, these dried leaves keep insects away.
Looking for an immunity and memory booster? Try Tulsi. It’s a great weapon to fight common ailments like colds, coughs, nasal blocks, decongestion in the lungs, and arthritis, too. You can even get that unwanted fat off, especially the kind that piles on after menopause in women, with the help of Tulsi. The juice of Tulsi leaves if mixed with honey and taken regularly is known to expel kidney stones.
Native to India, the Tulsi plant is an innocuous-looking aromatic herb with many branches. It packs a punch in its leaves, seeds, and roots. Tulsi grows in warm climate and grows wild in the tropical areas of India. Most Hindu homes have a plant in the courtyard of their homes, and it’s venerated in the morning and at night. There are 2 types: the light-leaved one called the Rama Tulsi and the dark-leaved type known as the Krishna or Shyama Tulsi. It’s the second type that’s mostly used in medicines. The juice of the leaves is also an antidote for scorpion bites and snakebites. It’s often used in rural India for such purposes. Teeth disorders can also be effectively treated with Tulsi.
Herbal medicines are fast gaining popularity as an effective and safe way to fight illnesses. Have you, too, resorted to herbal medicines to cure any illness? Ever used the Tulsi as a cure for any illness? How effective was it in curing you of your problem?
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