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The Jodhaa-Akbar collection: indulge in a royal jewelry treat!
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Apart from the grandiose sets in the historic flick ‘Jodhaa Akbar’, what is it that captured your attention the most? The grand Kundan necklace worn by Aishwarya Rai is arguably the most mesmerizing memory for most women. Crafted by the Indian jewelry brand Tanishq, the royal collection is ruling the season’s jewelry trends. What is so enchanting about the Jodhaa-Akbar collection?
The Indian film Industry is always known for setting trends in the fashion arena. Every actress gets to flaunt stunning pieces of jewelry but most of the pieces are usually imitation pieces. However, all that glittered in Ashutosh Gowariker’s magnum opus ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ was pure gold and weighed around 400 kilograms. The well-known jewelry brand Tanishq took great efforts to bring alive the beauty of the Mughal and Rajput era through their splendid ornaments.
With her elegance and charm, Aishwarya looked stunning with a huge neck choker, long chunky danglers with jhumkas, a large and delicate nath (nose ring), a pretty bhor (a small ornament hanging on the forehead along the hairline), bracelets with intricate designs and a big bindi. This gorgeous beauty and her ensemble have caught everybody’s attention. Every bride wants to get the Jodhaa look for her wedding. From heavy stone studded necklaces to pretty earrings that hang from the ear to the shoulder are becoming the rage among women. Some Indian shopping portals like Carma World have introduced imitation jewelry lines in sync with the Jodhaa Akbar collection.
Recreating the heritage ornaments: A mammoth task
The director of ‘Jodhaa Akbar’, Ashutosh Gowariker, wanted everything in the film to look authentic. And so we find the costumes, ambience and jewelry perfect for royalty. It took two long years for Tanishq to recreate these heritage pieces after extensive study of miniature paintings of the era. While this exquisite jewelry was designed by a team of eighty stylists, Tanishq crafted the ornaments using diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and pearls. Tanishq worked with Chitrakala Parishad for around six months and later engaged 200 craftsmen to create 400 marvelous pieces of ornaments studded with semi-precious stones. The traditional Kundan and Meenakari techniques were adopted to present the beauty and richness of the Rajput and Mughal dynasties of the 16th century. However, designing Jodhaa’s jewelry was a challenge for the craftsmen as they had very little background information about Jodha Bai. They referred to a few other paintings of the same period to understand the designs of that era. The wedding set alone weighed more than three kilos. Doesn’t that sound very heavy? Aishwarya herself is reported to have exclaimed that wearing the jewelry was the toughest part of her work during the shooting of ‘Jodhaa Akbar’. Even Hrithik Roshan, who plays Emperor Akbar in the film, had to wear heavy jewelry.
Jodhaa collection at Tanishq
But are these heritage pieces wearable in modern times? Most of the ornaments displayed in the movie would be more suitable as collector’s pieces as they are not wearable or even affordable by most people. However, Tanishq has launched its ready to wear line of the Jodha Akbar collection and this is being sold at reasonable prices. The Prêt line includes all the pieces, the sarpech (turban ornament), the archer’s ring, the bhor, and the hansli (neck-band). These ornaments are crafted with motifs of peacocks, leaves and flowers. Priced from $235 USD onwards, the entire collection is now available at Tanishq boutiques across India.
Will the Jodhaa collection fascinate women for years? Or is it just a passing fad? Is this opulent jewelry suitable for all occasions? Would you buy a set?
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