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Your writing says a lot about YOU!
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As a child, while painstakingly filling in the pages of your cursive writing books, did you even for a moment imagine that one day, your handwriting would reflect the type of person you are? Experts say that if your handwriting is very tiny, you are subconsciously trying to hide. When you write the first letter of your name larger the others, it means you are looking for attention. Read on to fFind out what else your writing can reveal about your personality…
Handwriting analysis is the study of the pressure, the slant and loops, the spacing between letters and many other characteristics. This study is also called graphology through which analysts gain insights into the innate nature of a person. Attributes and capacity for many emotions such as jealousy, affection, secrecy, hostility, and aggression are a few of the character traits that can be read.
This is very different from astrology and palm reading since it depends totally on your brain and your state of mind. The hand and fingers move according to your emotional state. This science was first studied by ancient Greeks and Romans. Sometimes people intuitively judge a person’s nature by looking at the handwriting - bold, aggressive, generous, open natured - all judged by the spaces and easily legible words. However, only a trained specialist can give an accurate picture.
In the crime world, where evidence involves a handwritten note, forensic handwriting experts are called in to create a profile. This is not a simple task as it takes hours and days of meticulous measurements and evaluation of overall traits. Forged documents and forged signatures are not very easily detected if copied well. When a person is trying to disguise his handwriting to copy someone else’s, he needs to practice for some time. At times the analysts are able to identify a forged signature by expertly identifying shaky lines, false starts, and slower motions instead of the natural, confident flow. However, at the same time, sometimes even an expert finds it difficult to distinguish the real signature from the forged one. In these days of computer typing, handwritten evidence is quite uncommon.
Handwriting analysis has proved to be very advantageous when it is used to analyze relationship compatibility. This science is supposed to be correct most of the time. An expert can judge from the handwriting whether two people will make sparks fly or get along well. Its scientific approach reveals behavior patterns not only between married couples but also between business partners and co-workers. The added advantage is that you can understand some traits about yourself, like, are you lazy, a procrastinator, stubborn, or timid and shy? You can then address the problem areas in your life.
The mood you are in while writing will also affect your handwriting since we must remember that handwriting comes from the brain rather than the hands. Sometimes the handwriting changes drastically because of emotional upheavals. It is best to use an ink pen and an unruled paper and put yourself in a balanced frame of mind when you want your handwriting analyzed.
Along with graphologists, there are graphotherapists who can help a person write in such a way that will help improve the person’s character traits. For example, the first letter of a word needs to have an upward slope to project a positive nature, by practicing this for 45 days it becomes a part of the writer’s nature.
Are you excited by the thought of handwriting analysis? Do you feel it would be a lovely and fun way to know the character traits of your wife or husband? How do you feel about graphology as a full time career?
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